Hassan Rouhani : The Revolution Of 1979 Essay

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Hassan Rouhani was sworn in as Iran’s 7th president on August 4, 2013 (“Human”). He ran as a moderate and raked in a great number of votes in the June 14 elections (“Human”). In his presidential campaign, Rouhani allured the Iranian voters by promises of change and expansion of personal freedoms (“Human”). Rouhani was elected despite significant restraints and lack of rights that interfered with fair and just elections. While the new Iranian regime is busy trying to prove to the world that they are “moderate,” executions and human rights abuses have been rising (“Human”). Hundreds of people have been executed this year: half of which were under President Rouhani’s rule (“Human”). While he was endorsing a gentle image during his visit to New York, “it was business as usual on the domestic front” (“Human”). The savagery continues even in the new regime’s pursuit to please the West.

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Baha’is suffered through persecution according to harsh governmental policy (“Current”). In the beginning of this maltreatment, hundreds of Baha’is were killed or executed, thousands imprisoned, and many more without jobs and simple rights (“Current”). Since 2005, a greater number of Baha’is were imprisoned, which include seven members of a Baha’i leadership group who were wrongfully incarcerated (“Current”). The oppression towards Baha’is exemplifies Iran’s lack of basic human rights.

Another example of oppression can be seen pointed towards Christians.…

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