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Short Assignment 1 * What was the positioning challenge Apple faced?
Competitors enter market * In 1981, IBM entered PC market used Microsoft’s DOS OS and microprocessor and will be Apple best rival for the start on 1981. Jobs forced out in 1985. * In 1985, Compaq and IBM do a research and development (R&D) and make move Apple into the mainstream by becoming low-cost producer and joint venture with IBM. This’s one of Apple failure moment and Apple Gross margin drop to 34%. * In 1995, Computerworld survey found that the Windows users loyalty much more than Apple users. Many Apple users considered a move to Windows. Jobs called back to Apple with NeXT Software OS development. * In 2002, Hewlett-Packard (HP) became
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* iPhone
Apple “reinvent the phone” as we know it is iPhone. iPhone entered industry that already dominated by Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung with 60% market share. But iPhone took their differentiation and succeed entered the market share. In another case, RIM, Palm, and Nokia took similar approach to Apple. The best impact is from Research In Motion (RIM) that develop Blackberry smartphone that have best push e-mail and BBM. And Nokia who take Europe and emerging market China and India. But right now, Nokia, Palm, LG, HTC, and Motorola although take Android who can compete Apple OS still suffered to increase their market share. The best competitor in 2012 right now come from Samsung who already lead the mobile market share. * iPad iPad became a new market innovation in 2010 which lead a market through tablet PC with innovation touch screen-display. Samsung give same approach through Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note. This is where a conflict of alleged impersonation Apple products from Samsung, which we know Samsung is one of the Apple supplier. * Product failures
Not all Jobs creation give a success result, there is some part of Apple product that failed in the market. Apple TV and Apple mini is a failure product compare the other common product that we already know such DVD player or desktop.

* Who were the audiences?
PC users can be provided as five categories from: Home, small & medium sized business (SMB),

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