Harvard Business School: the Atekpc Project Management Office

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Cases in Applied Project Management

Individual Assignment
Identify the main purpose and mission of a PMO and what are the main challenges and obstacles in implementing a PMO? (HBS: The AtekPC Project Management Office)

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The AtekPC Company found in 1984 has grown in size and scope to become a mid-sized technology PC manufacturer. The company now boasts 2100 fulltime employees with an additional 200 part time workers and revenues of $1.9 billion. AtekPC finds itself, like all other PC manufacturers facing a changing industry, one that is transitioning from a growth market industry to a maturing market industry and like all competitors in the marketplace, AtekPC is experiencing tremendous
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Strider’s concern was how would implementing the PMO change the organizational culture. Would implementing too quickly raise red flags? Persons outside the PMO will have reservations because to them, the PMO cannot get the project done, they are not the ones writing code, installing servers, meeting with users or dealing with customers. The challenge is getting these units to realize the value of the PMO even though the PMO might not be doing the actually heavy lifting of writing code and installing servers etc. Can the PMO show value of best practices and rigid centralized planning, control and methodologies? It is easier to make a case for implementing the PMO than it is to provide measurements or metrics to measure the success of the implementation or the effectiveness of the PMO once implemented.
Another challenge of implementing the PMO at AtekPC is the failure to decide of the type of PMO that will be implemented. After a year in existence, all the executives are still not on board with the idea of a PMO and its necessities. Strider is still debating with himself about the type of PMO structure that is right for the organization. For effective PMO implementation, the PMO teams need to have a strictly defined hierarchy with the organizational structure. Sponsors, direct and indirect reports and other relationships to the PMO need to be clearly defined. These steps are required for the PMO to be efficient and effective.
Another challenge of implementation

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