Harry 's Game : A Novel By Gerald Seymour Essay

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One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. - Harry’s Game: a novel by Gerald Seymour


Crucial to understanding the differences between the northern and southern United States on the brink of the Civil War is the institution of slavery. From the earliest moments of southern history, slavery had become a normal part of southern society, and southern politicians were always on the defense of what they considered habitual. However, this defense did not start off in an aggressive fashion. It was not until the conflict surrounding the Missouri Compromise did southerners suddenly turn the tides, becoming more aggressive in their defense of what most considered a part of southern life. Because southerners realized their southern way of life, i.e., slavery, could be attacked on the floors of Congress, many southern politicians became threatened and were thus forced to react aggressively towards any move on slavery, be it on the field of battle or in the courthouse. However, with this aggression the threat of revolt soon became more and more prevalent and foreboding to southerners, and, as a result, this threat, specifically from African American slaves, increasingly became an issue. Many southerners soon became further aggressive and fearful following many of the country’s largest and most noteworthy slave revolts prior to the Civil War. It is important not only to understand what happened during these slave rebellions, but also how the revolts…

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