Harry Potter : The Core Value Of Christian Spirit Essay

1470 Words Sep 14th, 2016 6 Pages
As one of the most influential magic literary works from the 20th century to the 21st century, the series of novels of Harry Potter have attracted the readers of the young generation globally with its powerful cultural charm. And the major theme in the works is the core value of Christian spirit, the basic Christian thoughts in Harry Potter is analyzed deeply in the essay, to summarize the ideological connotation of the religions thought in Harry Potter and The Philosopher 's Stone (hereinafter Harry Potter) through analyzing the works in depth.

The influence of Christianity is implied in Harry Potter. Almost all the western literary works are influenced by Christianity or the Bible, even if the contents and the names of characters in the Bible are not used obviously, the good and evil view and the attitude of conducting oneself in society are also implied in these literary works(McVeigh, 2002).The conflict between Harry and Lord Voldemort corresponds to the mutual contest between Jesus and Satan, the role archetypes in the Bible. The same as the Jesus in the plot of the Bible, Harry Potter also experienced ups and downs during his growing process, but he stood firm and was devout. The Jesus resisted the ultimate temptation of the demon for three times by relying on his firm and devout faith, and defeated Satan thereby. Harry also sought the divine power in order to revenge against the evil Lord Voldemort. Just like one of the Christian in the Middle Age,…

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