Harry Potter Persuasive Essay

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Period 4 AP US August 25, 2011 Persuasive Essay

Harry potter is a magical tale that captivates the reader’s heart and mind within the first few chapters of opening its pages. The story is relatable even in a magical castle of Hogwarts with wizards and witches. Who wouldn’t want to read a series where your imagination can run wild and free? Many say there is no real important meaning to Harry Potter, that it is like every other book but there is meaning and there is a difference. They are stories that enchant you to keep reading, stories that teach realistic problems found in lives of teens, and stories that applies to every age for over the next few generations. Harry Potter books should probably be the greatest series
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For Harry Potter is not a story just about the world magic, it conveys realistic problems that teens can especially relate to. If walked into a home from a 6 year old boy to a 60 year old lady, at least one Harry Potter book would be found on their bookshelves. Harry Potter is relatable from any age. Harry Potter books can start being read anywhere from seven years old to forty years old. Growing up with Harry Potter it will reside in you heart until you grow old. The memory of the first time any Harry Potter book was read will remain etched in your head forever. For the books being popularly world wide, people on the opposite side of the world have more in common than thought. Harry Potter is probably the only books that are appropriate for all ages which encourages younger children to unknowingly read harder books with a story they love. Don’t be quick to judge as you may miss something truly great. Harry Potter is a series you will never regret reading. Harry Potter has many other reason why it should be the greatest series of the era but especially for its fantastic spellbinding story that captures your attention, for the way it can be related to personal lives, and for it to have a story that any age can enjoy is

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