Harry Potter: My Most Favorite Person In My Life

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There was a time when instead of saying the number three, I confidently said tree. I would hear giggles from not only kids but of the grownups too that were part of the summer camp I was in. Of course, I was just a little girl at that time, learning along with millions of others in the world what is the proper way to pronounce words. That time of my life I was not only learning how to speak but also read, being familiar with words. Just like most people too, my parents were the foundation of my literacy and from them, I continued to be the top bookworm in my family. I read from a wide range of until I narrowed down to a few in which they became part of my childhood and of growing up. Because of them, I learned to be inspired by words. How …show more content…
The way J.K. Rowling wrote her stories about wizards and their mystical realms took me to another place. A place outside of my bedroom or porch to a world where humans can be turned into frogs just by a flick of a wand. On the side I would read anything from non-fiction to drama to science fiction. I would never shut the door to any book that might take me to another world. But a book geek as I was, I still had trouble with my grammar, the rules behind the language that I know the most off. I would get an essay back and can’t even see the black ink of letters because of red pen marks everywhere correcting my grammar. I despised English class in middle school and when high school came, it took me a long time to improve on my essay writing that I still got a 2 in my AP Exam for Literature and Composition despite years of essay writing and English courses. All these rules about syntax and grammar held me back and gave me trouble so much that other people might say that I am not as highly literate as I think I am. But reading never disappointed me such that if you told the 5-year-old girl that couldn’t say three that your mind will mind will be blown away from just reading, she wouldn’t be surprised at

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