Harry Harlow: A Brief Biography

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Harry Harlow(1905-1981)

Harry Harlow was a psychologist who was best known for his experiments on social isolation and the attachment theory with the use of rhesus monkeys.He was born October 31,1905 in Fairfield Iowa.He grew up in small a small farming community with his mother and father.His family didn’t have much money and his dad spent most of time working on new inventions .Growing up Harlow was very shy, insecure, and kept to himself.Despite his insecurities he had a great sense of humor and a huge imagination.After high school he attended Stanford University, but due to his failing grades in his English major it forced him to switch to the study of psychology instead. In 1930 Harlow earned his Ph.D in psychology , and changed his name to Harlow which was originally Israel.He then earned a position at Wisconsin University where he conducted his most notable experiment which involved taking baby rhesus monkeys from there mother at birth .

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Harlow was fascinated with love, that’s when begun to question whether or not love had to do with the feeding bond between mother and infant.His ambition for the research was to grasp the origin of love and his interest in

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