Essay on Harry Capote 's The Life Of Truman Capote

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(750)The Theme of Psychological “Dysfunction” in the Life of Truman Capote

The most important word that defines Truman capote and his lifestyle is the “dysfunctional” nature of his childhood experiences. Capote was forced to struggle with the divorce of his parent at an early age, which defines the dysfunctional aspects of family life that he endured. These familial problems became a foundation for his writings, which deal with the dysfunctional nature of family life that continued into his adolescent and adult life. Capote was known for writing about psychological dysfunction due to the mental and emotional anguish he endured during the divorce. More so, Capote was forced to live other family members, because of the dysfunction of his mother and father’s relationship. In essence, the best word that categorized Truman capote is the psychological “dysfunction” due to the psychological suffering that he suffered through the family conflict and separation. Truman Capote’s early life was marred by the divorce of his mother and father as a young boy. During this time, Capote suffered greatly due to this divorce, which shattered his image of a unified family unit. This type of “dysfunctional” psychological state defines the trauma and loss of identity, which was caused by the break up of his family due to divorce: “By November 9, 1931, the divorce was final and that really was that” (Clarke 45). This event made a massive impact on the mind of Capote, which forced him to find…

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