`` Harrison Bergeron `` By Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. And The Science Fiction Film `` 2081 ``

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Although the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and the science fiction film “2081” by Chandler Tuttle are based on the same overall theme of a dystopian future where equality is the goal, there are even more differences than there are similarities.
In both the story and in the film, the television plays an important role. The television is playing the entire time in George and Hazel Bergeron’s living room, where they watch the ballerinas dance as well as the urgent broadcast of Harrison Bergeron’s escape. It is on live television that Harrison chose to break off all his handicaps and announce his haughty defiance to the world, and it is also on live television that the Handicapper General, Diana Moon Glampers, shoots and kills Harrison and a ballerina.
In the story version, it is George, who gets up to get a beer, who misses the shooting of his son, Harrison. Hazel witnesses it and is crying, yet cannot remember what had just happened, merely saying “Something real sad on television, it’s all kind of mixed up in my mind” (p. 6). In the film version, Hazel has gone to wash dishes in the kitchen and does not see Harrison on the TV at all. When she comes into the living room seconds after Harrison has been killed, George is sitting in his chair with tears in his eyes and says “I dunno…something sad on television, I think” (22:20). Having the roles reversed as to which of Harrison’s parents witness his murder was a powerful change for the film to make, and…

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