Harrison Bergeron And 2081 Comparison Essay

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When compared to stories and novels, movies never seem to be the preference. Take Harry Potter for instance -- people would much rather read an eloquent storyline than a movie with a dull diegesis. This theory, however, is inaccurate when one compares Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” and Chandler Tuttle’s 2081. To illustrate, when Harrison Bergeron barged into the studio to give his speech, he conveyed a stronger message in the film than he did in the short story. Characterization especially projected different ideas within characters; it proved to be different between Vonnegut and Tuttle’s stories. Specifically, one character that had eye-opening changes was George Bergeron. These changes were so eye-opening, readers created a new outlook of the man drinking beer and lazily sitting in the living room. 2081’s George showed a vast amount of knowledge with a great-working memory, rebellion towards governmental views, and an unexpectedly emotional mindset, while “Harrison Bergeron” showed nothing more than the rule-following George we would expect. George Bergeron’s characterization and personality in 2081 was not only …show more content…
When Harrison was killed on television, George’s emotions made us feel mournful -- the author’s goal was for us to feel pity for George. While the emotional aspects of the story make us feel sorrowful, George’s dissent towards the government gives us a whole new side to George -- a side that “Harrison Bergeron” never presented. Also, without 2081 we wouldn’t see George’s flashbacks in such lively detail. Overall, George’s characterization was mastered within the film; Tuttle is not only seen as a director but a genius as well. While Harry Potter is successful as a book, maybe its movie could have been more triumphant with a vivid plot such as

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