Harris And Carbado Analysis

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In Loot or find: Fact or frame Harris and Carbado argues about how racial social media can use people to misinterpret situations in what happened in hurricane Katrina. It is because of the the society’s interpretive frame and color-blindness these situations up come. Color blindness is a main problem here in the United states, however, Americans believe that racism is no longer a problem here. The result is that the disaster caused by Katarina has disrupt the racial frames, pushing white people to see black people as victims. Comparing the two pictures makes no sense for me, because the both is searching for the stuff that they lost during the hurricane. However, the press means that the black man is looting and the two white people is searching …show more content…
However, the racial frames and color blindness was still there and they still saw black people as criminals. Something that surprised me, instead of stick together as a unit and face that problem, the whites started to say “black people in New Orleans suffered only because of bureaucratic inefficiencies in the wake of a natural disaster” (625). That shows that the racial frames and color blindness is still there. Even though the racial frames and color-blindness was still there, it was hope for a change, to the better. An example on that is when Harris and Carbado writes “Most whites were able to black people as victims, but they were unwilling to link their victims’ status to race or racism” (625). Here we have an example how hurricane Katarina changed the people’s view of racism to the better, but it is still far away from good, because instead of seeing the black people as victims, the whites made up a story about the black can only blame themselves because they weren’t prepared. I think this is a real problem in this situation, because the whites have start to see the black people as victims, but because of the society they live in, they said it’s their own fault. Something that does not go hand in hand, is how the press can say that a black man is “looting” in the water while two white people are “finding” something, because if the majority of the victims were black, how can it been called for

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