Harriet Tubman And The Civil War Essay

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Harriet Tubman was recruited in 1861 as a volunteer for the Union Army. Throughout the Civil War, she was a valuable asset to the Union and contributed greatly to the success of the Union Army at the end of the war. During her career in the Civil War, she acted as a nurse, cook, and an army spy. She served bravely with love in her heart and eventually came to be known as a hero among the soldiers she worked with and as the Moses of her people for all the great things she accomplished in her life.
Tubman 's time in the Civil War started in 1861 when she was recruited as a volunteer into the Massachusetts troop stationed at Fort Monroe, Virginia, on the Western shore of the Chesapeake Bay that was led by General Benjamin Buttler. At the time she joined she was the only African-American among the soldiers there and her role was not official, nor was it related to military operations. The camp was filled to the brim with fugitives, called contrabands, that were causing a major struggle among the campers. Because of this, Tubman was given the generic role of any woman volunteering in the army. She was put to work as their cook and laundress, preparing the meals and cleaning the clothes of the number of contrabands that continually grew.
In addition to her service as a cook, Tubman worked as a nurse for the Union Army in multiple places, she even acted as a nurse for a short time while at Fort Monroe when she was first brought into the war. Many sicknesses threatened the…

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