Essay about Harriet Tubman And The Civil War

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Much of nineteenth century America was characterized by slavery. This issue affected the entire country as the morality of slavery was questioned. That and other disputes led to the start of the Civil War. Many people came together to end this conflict and bring peace back to America. One of these people, Harriet Tubman, called the “Moses” of the Civil War, influenced her people and the rest of America by leading hundreds of slaves from bondage in the South to freedom in the North. She also played an influential role in the abolition movement and had an active part in the Civil War. In the early 1820s, Harriet Ross gave birth to a baby girl, Araminta “Minty” Ross, who would later come to be known as Harriet Tubman. In the first years of her life, her family was split as the family’s owners sold several of the children to different plantations. As a young slave, Tubman suffered much violence at the hands of overseers, the people who disciplined slaves in the fields. She was beaten occasionally and forced to work long, hard hours on the plantation. One particular incident involved a large weight being thrown at her head, causing an almost fatal injury. The blow affected her for the remainder of her life as Tubman experienced seizures, blackouts, and headaches (“Harriet Tubman” n.pag.). Due to the dynamics of slavery and the slave market, the people in Tubman’s life changed as she grew up. Slave families were constantly agonizing over whether it would be their turn to be…

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