Harriet Tubman And The American Civil War Essay

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“Mah people mus’ go free!” Was a frequent phrase that was used by the great Araminta Ross, who is known as Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman, a female abolitionist, is one of America’s most extravagant icons for the African Americans because of the hundreds of slaves she helped escape slavery through her underground railroad navigation. AFTER she escaped her owners, she decided to come back numerous times to save her family. Never did she lose anybody in her mission and she always made sure nobody was left behind. This event occurred right before the American Civil War, which she also helped in as a nurse for the hurt soldiers.
She was born a slave in Maryland in the 1820’s, and her childhood name was “Minty.” She began working as a servant at the age of six and later became a field worker in her teenage years. Harriet’s parents were both owned by different slave owners. Her mother, Harriet “Rit” Green was owned by a woman named Mary Pattison Brodess. Ben Ross, her father, was owned by a man named Anthony Thompson; both slave owners later became married. Harriet was one out of eleven children and three of her sisters were sold by Brodess’s son. It was the attempt of her litter brother being sold to a man in Georgia that made her look at her mom like she was a hero. Her mother stood up to the slave owner and surprisingly got away with it. There was no more hurt left for the family to bear for another child to get sent away. Harriet’s father however, was set free and began…

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