Harriet Tubm An Extraordinary Heroine Essay

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Harriet Tubman was an extraordinary heroine. There were numerous challenges in Harriet’s life through which she persevered. Harriet’s early life played a major role in shaping her into the person she became. Harriet was encouraged to make the long, tiring journey to freedom and succeeded. After achieving her own freedom, she decided to go back to slave states and lead other slaves to freedom. Within Harriet’s early life, she endured various important events. Several significant occasions occurred during Harriet’s childhood and early adulthood. Harriet Ross Tubman was born and raised on a plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland. Her whole family lived on the plantation with her until her sister Tilly was sold by the master, Edward. This broke Harriet’s heart and left her devastated. Harriet Tubman was an extremely religious person. She displayed her firm religious beliefs by frequently praying and talking to God. When Harriet was a young teenager, the slave overseer threw a heavy object at her thinking she was trying to escape. The hefty object left Harriet with a large, unmistakable scar on her forehead and serious brain trauma for the rest of her life. After this traumatic event, Harriet suffered from sleeping spells which arrived randomly and lasted for unpredictable amounts of time. Later in her teenage years, Harriet wished her master dead. Shortly after doing this, her master died unexpectedly. The plantation was passed on to the doctor who came to see Master Edward…

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