Harriet Tubm An Extraordinary Heroine Essay

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Although Harriet Tubman, a magnificent woman, encountered several life threatening obstacles, she triumphantly succeeded her goal! Harriet Tubman was an extraordinary heroine. When Harriet Tubman was faced with challenges, she always overcame them. The tough female demonstrated qualities of bravery and selflessness. Harriet Tubman’s determination and intelligence led to her exceptional achievements. To begin with, Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 as Harriet Ross; living on a plantation in Maryland, Harriet Tubman had begun her unique journey through life. Undoubtedly, Harriet Tubman faced arduousness difficulties. Yet, she still tried to find a solution when it was accessible. Harriet Tubman aspired her slave master dead. Consequently, he died. As a result, Harriet Tubman felt terrible and guilty. She made a promise to God and begged for forgiveness. Harriet Tubman was devastated when her sister, Tilly, was sold off into slavery; she had to overcome the extremely upsetting event. A slave overseer threw a brick directly at Harriet Tubman’s head. Unfortunately, Harriet Tubman had permanent brain damage for the rest of her life. Moreover, Master Steward ordered Harriet Tubman to pull a huge wagon all by herself. The slave owners watching her took bets on how far she could pull the wagon. Meanwhile, they were all laughing and yelling at her. Harriet Tubman was married to a free man, John Tubman. John Tubman did not treat Harriet Tubman properly which was strenuous for Harriet…

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