Harriet Martineau : A Political Reformer Essay

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Harriet Martineau was a political reformer from Great Britain who was thirty-two years old when she started a tour of United States. Harriet Martineau states, “The pride and delight of Americans is in their quality of land.” (73 Martineau). This means everything starts with the land you own and the more fertile it is the more valuable it is going to be. The acquiring of this land was a heavy force in manifest destiny because it expanded the territory of the United States. Harriet Martineau was told in triumph of the hasty sales of land; of the grand additions which had been made by the addition of Louisiana and Florida, and the possibility of annexing Texas. Harriet Martineau believe land was the wealth of a nation and the possession of land is the aim of all action. Land could cure all the social evils among the men in the United States. Harriet Martineau believes land solves a lot of problems the people face in the United States everyday like if he disgraces himself, he heads west to start over.
What started as a wave of women entering the workforce, led to women finding their own political voice, and eventually uniting under a common cause. Jane Swisshelm was only twenty-one years old when the United States declared war on Mexico. She was very religious abolitionist and supporter of women’s rights, she also wrote news articles anonymously in her hometown in Pittsburg. Jane Swisshelm was against the Mexican War which was a factor in the annexation of Texas a Manifest…

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