Essay about Harriet Jacobs And Solomon Northrop

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In the United States, slavery of the 1800s was a racial tyranny that exploited many African Americans. To expose the tyranny and torment caused by racial slavery, many authors such as Harriet Jacobs and Solomon Northrop have produce memoirs accounting their experiences with racism and abuse. Harriet Jacobs, the author of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, exposed her experience within the American Southeast and the implications of the color of her skin in her daily life. As a mother pushed to the brink in the face of slavery, her trials related to women raising children and illustrated the hard conditions placed upon families of color. Under the trails of enslavement, Jacobs endured cruel and unusual punishment for means beyond her control. Her story is one of thousands that document the true nature of a dark history of the United States. Harriet Jacobs’ account of her life and experience with slavery has a degree of appeal to the feminine audience. Through the name of Linda Brent, she illustrated the pain as only a mother could feel throughout this pressing situation. As a mother, the conditions and trials set forth for her family by the system of slavery within the American southeast, left Linda Brent in a tearing situation in which no mother would even imagine. She was forced into situation no mother should ever have to allow to happen.
Linda Brent cared for her children as did any mother would for their young. The hard life they had been born into was simple unfair…

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