Harper Lee 's ' Kill A Mockingbird ' Essay

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Have you ever judged, criticized, or labeled a person before? While it may have accidentally or innocent childish fun, we have all spoken about someone and given them a label. Society criticizes people all the time without realizing it, and places them into a certain category. In the 1930’s people, also labeled others by their family reputation, skin color, and mentality. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee explains that society plays an important role in people 's lives and dictates how a person is supposed to look and act. In the novel, which takes place in the 1930’s in a small town called Maycomb, Scout Finch grows up in a time period where individuality was shamed on. Scout and her brother, Jem, listen to their stories about the terrifying Radley house and immediately think that Boo Radley is a dangerous man. However, curiosity got the best of the children and they spent summers reenacting Boo’s life and getting him out of the Radley house. After Jem outgrows the childish acts, he focuses on Atticus’ trial with Tom Robinson, an African. Atticus is a lawyer that is trying to prove Tom innocent. Many of the townsfolk, including Aunt Alexandra, express their disgust towards Atticus helping out a colored man. As the trial progresses, Scout and Jem grow, yet the children do not have a mother or female guidance. Scout’s aunt strongly disapproves that Atticus lets Scout run wild and wear anything other than a dress, she believes it will cost them the family reputation. Lee’s…

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