Harper Lee 's ' Kill A Mockingbird ' Essay

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Scout learns that underprivileged people come in all different displays and sizes in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Scout grew up in a good, well-off family. However, when she starts school, she realizes there are many different types of people. There are both affluent and poor people in the school. Walter Cunningham and Burris Ewell are both poor children in her class. They may have similar financial statuses, but they contrast in their appearance, behavior, and their family background.
Outsetting with Walter, he tries to cover up his appearance with a clean shirt and neatly mended overalls. Despite this, it can’t cover up the fact that he has no shoes and has hookworms. “Walter Cunningham’s face told everyone in the first grade he had hookworms. His absence of shoes told us how he got them”(25). Scout notices that you do not have to have a lot of money to be put together. Walter put effort into his appearance, since it was the first day of school, to make a good impression. On the other hand, Burris Ewell’s idleness towards his appearance revealed that he does not care about school. He does not bathe, had a mouse in his hair, and has lice. Scout describes him as, “ -the filthiest human I had ever seen. His neck was dark gray, the backs of his hands were rusty, and his fingernails were black deep into the quick”(35). She realizes from this ordeal that not everybody tries to look nice. Since Walter and Burris have very different feelings towards their appearance,…

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