Harper Elliot Is On Her Way Home From College Essay

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Harper Elliot is on her way home from college because it is the beginning of spring break. Harper is a sophomore at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. She is studying Journalism, which has been a Passion of her since she was a little girl. Harper comes stomping down the stairs from her dorm with bags that are bigger than herself “Its all dirty laundry” she proclaims to her father. Harper; 20, stands in the doorway of her down in gray sweatpants and a white Savannah orchestra shirt. She stands 5’2 (to her disappointment, she wanted to be 5’5) with long straight brown hair that comes past her butt. Harpers father calls her birdy since her voice is high pitched, higher than most girls. She has green eyes and is slim figured Harpers father; Kevin, 48, standing at the bottom of the stairs with his hands on his hips stands 6’4 with a blonde, buzz cut hairstyle and blue eyes, he has a muscular fatigue since he was a basketball all-star in college. The athletic skills sadly missed Harper by a generation, both her brothers, older and younger can play basketball and Harper can barely throw a ball without hurting herself.
Harper and her father packed her blue Chevy Tahoe full and of they went to head back home. The hours turned to minutes on her drive home, they reached the Georgia border and then after each turn through the Savannah, GA neighborhood that her father took, Harper got more and more excited to see her mother. As they pulled into their driveway, Harper saw a strange…

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