Harold Bennett : A Rich Inner Life Essay

1900 Words Sep 10th, 2016 8 Pages
Harold Bennett lived a rich inner life. He either lived in his head or he did not live at all because that was all that was available to him. If Maggie had suspected he lived inside his head she would have found a way to stop it because Harold was dishonoured. Not having the prerogative of imposing a capital sentence Maggie did the next best thing by making Harold’s life so miserable that he wished he were dead. She forced her husband into the ranks of the unforgiven where he was condemned to remain until he breathed his last. After that, being uncertain whether wronged wives would continue to control the objects of their fury after they had shuffled off their mortal coils she would reluctantly relinquish her authority over his misery and humiliation, but only if she had to.
Experiencing unconditional misery did not make Harold wish he were dead as Maggie expected but it made him wish he were alive. He had been alive once and had proved too lively for Maggie’s liking when he was discovered being too lively with a woman with the initials GG who was not his wife and after that disclosure of his carnal wickedness life for Harold was a thing forbid. Maggie said so and Hell hath no fury like a Maggie scorned.
Maggie was a determined survivor and not only got over her distress, but continued to get over it every time she saw Harold becoming less and less substantive until he was but a shadow of his former self and even that trace faded day by day as the double burden of guilt…

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