Harmful Effects Of Pesticides Essay

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Harmful effects of Pesticides When people hear about pesticides most think it is safe for consumers. However, there are pesticides in the food we eat today that individuals should have big concerns about. There are more than two pesticides in our fruits and vegetables in which we consume on a day to day basis. One ingredient is the pesticide Organophosphates in particular can lead to lasting effects on learning, attention, and behavior in children who are exposed. Consumers may take pesticides as being beneficial however there is a bigger issue when it comes to health, the environment and wildlife and the overuse of pesticides.

The first concern is the health benefits associated with pesticides accumulating in the fat tissues of the body
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Farms use chemicals on their crops where they soak into the soil from natural irrigation these substances run off the groundwater, lake, stream, river, etc. contaminating the water supply. “The concern about the environmental effects of the chemical pesticides and fertilizers used by conventional large agricultural operation, and particularly about the possibility of negative health effects associated with ingestion of the food produced using such chemicals.” (Culler 2). For example, humans can ingest pesticides directly through contaminated drinking water and through eating fish that becomes contaminated. Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should avoid eating fatty fish that may have been caught in polluted waters. The duties we have as consumers are to be concerned about what we are consuming in our bodies and question the ingredient that are in our foods. Instead of relying on what we hear from the media and others that the chemical that are being used is healthy for you and the environment. We have to determine what is right for all that are involved. Our obligations are educating ourselves of the possible harms we do to our families and the environment when we take our health for …show more content…
The more human population increases, the amount of food produced is important. There are organism out there to consume the crop that are meant for human and that is why pesticide is needed. Limited the amount of pesticide will be less harmful to everyone, it should also stop the spread of pesticide polluting the air and harming our food system. It estimated that 37% of all crops produced in the united State each year are destroyed by pests. Which results in an economic loss of around 122 billion a year. For example there are fruit and vegetable that are being brought everyday pertaining over 20 or more different pesticide it this really necessary. State and federal agencies should require stricter independent testing. Including synergistic effects of pesticide. Pesticides that are known or suspected of causing human health problems should be phased out. Making food, air and water and soil free from toxic chemicals. With Pests and weed problems use non-toxic methods. Pesticide is needed to killed insect. Reducing the amount of pesticide could be less harmful to everyone involved famers, consumers, children’s, because will are know what it the past up until pesticide has

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