Harmful Effects Of Cyber Bullying Essay

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Register to read the introduction… For this particular reason stated in the quote a survey was created by the Year 11’s for the Year 9’s to establish the main cause of Cyber Bullying.

It was established that the main
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The Government Queensland’s survey on cyber bullying (2011) states; that of the telephone calls that the Kids Help Line receives each week about cyber bullying, three out of every four calls are from 10-14 year olds who are being bullied. That’s approximately 75% of all callers being 10-14 years old and is the fourth most popular reason for children or teens to call the Kid’s Help Line. A ninemsn article (2011) on cyber bullying in Australia it was found that a quarter of Australian children report they have been cyber bullied. 22% of parents of children aged 4-18 admit they have no control over their children's online activities. Although 78% of parents claim to control their children's computer use, only one-in-three has Internet filtering in place. 760,000 teenagers are allowed to have computers in their bedrooms and just four-in-ten parents are restricting Internet use to shared family areas with 42% saying they never check the history of websites their kids have been visiting. ‘Schools have a responsibility to provide a safe and supportive environment that protects the emotional and physical well-being of students in their school community’ (ACMA, 2007). As ACMA says, the school has a responsibility to …show more content…
The Year 11’s learnt to mediate [appendix 1.11] and advocate [appendix 1.12]. The main barriers [appendix 1.8] that were faced during the action plan was access as the video is online and takes a little while to load therefore it may not get played. Another was contact with the teacher as the class is only once a week, questions and draft checks have to occur over email which may sometimes limit communication and feedback. The age group was a difficulty also as many students around the age of 13 and 14 don’t take things as seriously as older students and were either very unsettled or unfazed at the information being provided to them. The video was an informative report on cyber bullying from another teen that’s being cyber bullied and was easy to understand as it highlighted the key concerns for cyber bullying in terms they could either relate to or repeat. A change that would be made if the action plan was to be repeated would be to print off a summarization of the report that highlighted the main points, as statistics show that only 20% of what you see and 30% of what you hear [appendix 3.0] in a subject gets remembered. By changing these details about the plan, there will be many benefits such as the students settling down and becoming engaged, students having access to information they may need one time or another and having

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