Essay On Harmful Effects Of Bullying

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Harmful Effects of Bullying
Bullying is experienced and seen all through the country and ranges from childhood to adulthood. Being the victim, by stander or even the bully can have many harmful affects to ones health. Bullying takes on different definitions and forms, most attacks are verbal and physical abuse. From all the different definitions of bullying we can come to one agreement that bullying is the mistreatment of someone. The harmful effects of bullying are a common discussion in the book “Bullying” by Sally Kuykendall. PhD (2012) and in the article “ The Psychological Effects of Bullying On Kids & Teens” posted by Ann Steele and in the documentary “The Power of Words” by Brendan Hall (2011). According to Sally Kuykendall. PhD (2012), from “Bullying” suggest that bullying is a health issue because it affects the key dimensions of a healthy well-being which are physical health, emotional health, intellectual
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In addition to that Ann Steele (2012) from “ The Psychological Effects of Bullying on Kids & Teens” informs us that there are long-lasting psychological impacts of bullying which can cause major repercussions in the near future or into adulthood. Verbal and physical abuse caused by a bully affects the health and well-being of the victim, perpetrator and by-standers which can have lifetime affects of bad health. As the documentary by Brendan Hall “The Power of Words” sadly illustrates why a young child named John took his own life because he was being bullied. People lacking the knowledge of bullying and it’s serious impacts on its victims, by-standers and bullies needs to be shared universal. Bullying has negative effects beyond the obvious. These negative effects include health issues, psychological issues, and a leading cause to suicide. Bullying may continue not only throughout one’s

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