Harmful Algal Bloom Essay

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Harmful algal blooms occur when nutrient runoff increases cyanobacteria counts in bodies of water producing toxic episodes harming surrounding ecosystems. These toxic effects pose a health hazards to organisms as well as reducing biodiversity in given habitats. Excessive nutrients cause a spike in microcystin populations which cause these toxic blooms that not only lead to eutrophication in aquatic systems but also decreased filtration and detoxification due to the contamination of other species (Withgott, 2014). Proposed solutions can occur at a number of stages from pre contamination to when drinking water reaches residents, however, the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable begins with prevention. Prevention begins with sustainable farming practices and when that fails, EPA monitoring ideally contributes to making people aware of health hazards so they may avoid intoxication and the health problems that arise in response.
Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are not only a
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HABs are a risk for any human or pet recreating a contaminated body of water during these months as health concerns have been noted from harmful algal bloom exposure. In humans, dermal contact, inhalation or ingestion of toxins themselves or through diet such as eating recently contaminated fish can all lead to a variety of health problems dependant on the level of intoxication (Figgatt, 2016). Exposure can have a diversity of effects depending on age, current level of health and amount of intoxication. These effects may include but are certainly not limited to: neurological effects, liver problems and breathing difficulties and the people most at risk would include children, pregnant women and asthmatics (Pitois,

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