Harley Davidson Strategy

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a) According to the case study, Harley Davidson planned to expand in India in 2010. So they wanted adopted different market strategy in India. They targeted youngsters aged (25-45) mainly those who are high class people in society. They even targeted those people who are sporty by nature and motorbike addict. Harley Davidson is the most expensive bike in the product range targeting High disposable income such as self-employed youngsters, Industarlist and corporate.
Market segmentation by Harley Davidson according to the case study is as following:
Demographic: Youth aged between 18 to 25, matured 25 to 45 and elderly 45 and above
Behavioral: focusing on those youngsters who
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Even, bikes comes in price tag which is an advantage to them they have got from customers at status symbol. Consumers in India believe that Harley Davidson has high price with superior quality. Even celebrities drive this bike such sports and cine stars which gives a royal brand image of company.
2) The most 5 important issues in Harley Davidson was that: 1) In the case of Harley Davidson, the importance of bikes in India was allowed in exchange of export of Alphonso mangoes to USA. After acquiring agreement in 2007, Harley Davidson did not launch in India due to very high taxes and obligations. Other factors that have an effect on business are wars, terrorism and internal conflicts within a country.
2) During economic recession, the expansion rate of Indian economy was approximately 6. Five per cent that was one of the highest. The Indian market a lucrative investment option for many global companies. Before the import duties and taxes were very high for imported
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Such interest made Harley realized that people in smaller towns had desire for such cars same as luxury cars. Main challenge was smaller roads which could pose a problem for bike riders.
b) Another thing was extending this brand to geographical sectors such as Gulati, Bhubaneswar, Bellary and Indore because these cities liked the noise of superbikes and cruisers. Challenges that Harley Davidson faced was buying of bikes through dealer towns which were at distant place. Even the availability of fuel in selected areas posed a problem.
c) Main recommendation would be satisfying its consumers which is a huge responsibility by locating dealer shops near customer location which will help them to achieve consumer trust. Construction of roads and potholes by Indian government will help Harley Davidson to supply bikers to its consumers who will find easy riding bikes on roads.

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