Harley Davidson: Global Economy Factors Affecting H-D

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Global Economy Factors & Factors Affecting H-D
Harley-Davidson is motivated to expand some markets, and to enter in others. Harley-Davidson has seen growth with Baby Boomers and Generation X. Now that these generations are aging, their motorcycle purchases are on the decline. Overall, it is said the motorcycles are being traded in recreational vehicles (RV). This has brought attention to the new open market of Millennials, as well as the opportunity to retain current customers with electric vehicles.
A major competitor to Harley-Davidson is Honda. Honda has released a motorcycle the Rebel to appeal to the new generation. Harley-Davidson is preparing to market to this group as well. The engineers are designing a lighter motorcycle to
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There must ethical, knowledgeable leadership. The values must support the organization’s brand. Integrity within the organization helps to support the Harley-Davidson brand. Mutual respect will take place. Loyalty to the Harley-Davidson brand and to the core values of the organization. Because the learning organization of Harley-Davidson is centered around the motorcycle culture, thinking outside that environment in the workplace can prove to be a challenge. The company’s ability to reach out to the community to accomplish their social responsibility. In supporting these social organization, the employees are exposed to another aspect of the community. This has the capacity to change the mindset of the employees. However, despite Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles have evolved, it has failed to evolve the design for today’s society. The light weight design has been delayed. The younger generation is not as drawn to the “traditional” large motorcycles like the Baby Boomers and Generation X. This lack of evolving, system thinking, may cause Harley-Davidson not to remain relevant in the future market. This has also had an impact on Harley-Davidson’s ability to compete in the global …show more content…
It is has created a brand that the competition must be innovative to challenge. The Harley-Davidson brand has brought loyalty to their motorcycles. The H-D is designed to not only appeal to the consumer’s eye, but to make the owner feel empowered and bold. Also, they are built to last.
Harley-Davidson has the necessary qualities to remain number one. Although the company is not number one in the foreign markets, they are able to be competitive. The company has not been financially performing as in previous years. The lack of new design to appeal to a new generation may be the cause. Harley-Davidson is an organization with potential.
The recommendation for Harley-Davidson is to invest in research and design (R&D). The ability to be innovative will play an important role in the future success of the company. A sleeker, lighter design will be a good starting point. Investing in research regarding electric motorcycles will be a good investment to prepare for the newest trend. The more the environmentally conscious the world becomes, the more H-D will need to be competitive in this

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