Essay on Harley Davidson Fortune 500

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We think it would be interesting to quote first Harley-Davidson's mission, in order to get a first approach of what is the purpose of the company from their point of view. The mission talks first about dreams, rather than motorcycles, which is what the public has in mind. This mission says:

"We fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments."

We are going to see how their promotional strategy keeps the track of their mission statement, and how they try always to fulfill those dreams.

Harley-Davidson uses advertising and personnel selling for their promotional mix.
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Further, the fact that demand for Harley motorcycles far exceeds the supply indicates that a pull strategy is in place.

The mass media advertising implemented by Harley-Davidson is intended to reach as many members of the general public as possible. Generally, this type of advertisement is used because of its depth in effectively reaching people. These ads are intended to target both potential repeat customers as well as first time buyers. Locally, C&S Harley-Davidson uses direct mailings to specifically target previous owners of their motorcycles as well as owners of competing brands. The mailings are directed towards specific customers depending on what the message the dealership wants to convey. For instance, when C&S has a benefit picnic, they mail to previous Harley owners, but when a new model year comes out, they mail to their full list which includes both past Harley customers and customers of competing brands. Similar to marketing to the public, dealerships promote their models to institutional buyers through direct mailings. However, they also employ personal selling because it is cost effective to send a sales rep to the institutional buyer's headquarters due to the possibility of generating multiple sales at one time.

The purpose of Harley-Davidson's mass media advertising is to inform and remind. Harley-Davidson's advertisements are not usually geared towards a specific model such as the FXDS-CONV

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