Harlem Renaissance Impact On Jazz

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The Great Migration positively affected the development of jazz. Due to the increase in job opportunities brought to American Americas through the Great Migration, many were able to buy records and listen to them at their houses, along with being able to buy musical instruments. During the migration, many musicians were able to gain better education, which ultimately increased their musical abilities. Throughout the Great Migration, many African Americans began composing “freedom songs” which encouraged people to fight for their civil rights, which lead to an increased production of jazz music. Because of the racial prejudices placed on African Americans, many turned to jazz music seeking relief, joy, and empowerment.
The Great Migration In the 1900s majority of American Americans lived in southern states. However, many began to move to northern and midwestern states. The reason for moving varied among those. In most cases, they were hoping to find jobs. Some were searching for better educational opportunities. While others were moving to escape racial prejudices and violence
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The Harlem Renaissance was a movement of African American participation in art, literature, and music. African Americans were able to express their experiences both the good and the bad through music and art. The Harlem Renaissance became a way to keep their black culture in a predominantly white society. The Harlem Renaissance had a huge impact on the development of jazz. Jazz drew in many people with its syncopated rhythms and unique instrumental solos. One of the most influential places was the Cotton Club, where thousands came night after night to see different performers play their music. People such as Bessie Smith drew in huge crowds with their jazz vocals. With all of the hardship African Americans faced many sought comfort in music. Music that would have been lost without the Harlem

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