Harlem Poems: Analysis Of Langston Hughes Dream Deferred)

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Analysis of Harlem poems

Langston Hughes Harlem (Dream Deferred)
The dream deferred is a poem written by Langston Hughes in after the Second World War which led to dispositioning of most African Americans. Hughes knew how important dreams are to individuals and this is the reason behind his question about the dream and about what happens when dreams are either ignored or postponed. At the setting of the war, the country had seen the end of both the great depression and the world war two, but this had little or no impact on most African Americans because their dreams and fantasy of the American dream was all but conceded. However, the author considered every planning, dream and fan tansy of the African Americans important and took them to his heart as most of them began lives by planning on how to raise their kids appropriately.
The voice of the lyrics in the poem is a dark artist who makes the poem look like a structured talk from its attributes and
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The message of the poem is thus directed to all individual who might share the same feelings as the author towards the month of June as he fully describes his feelings when he was a youth. According to the poet, the month of June presents a suitable resurrection platform after the passing of the month of May. Through the tone and language utilized in the poem, it is easy to tell that the author of the poem talks about a noteworthy other named June as well as the month of June itself. The poet also uses a praising tone, and he is also in remembrance of his youth and beliefs about the month of June. The author is simply describing the emotions, feelings, and images that come to his mind when he remembers and thinks of the month of June. Moreover, through the use of personification the poem successfully gives the month human

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