Harlem Gentrification Of The Sixties Essay

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he term Gentrification is coined together by a British Sociologist Ruth Glass to describe the movement of middle class families into urban areas causing the property value to increase and displacing the older settlers. In the past decades, gentrification have been defined and refined depending on the neighborhood 's economic, social and political context. According to Davidson and Less definition, a gentrified area should include investment in capital, social upgrading, displacement of older settlers and change in landscape. Many urban cities like Chicago, Michigan and Boston have experienced gentrification, however, it is affecting the Harlem residents more profoundly, uprooting the people who have been living there for decades, thus destroying the cultural identity of the historic neighborhood. In order to discuss Harlem Gentrification the seventies, it is important to address the decline in housing stock and quality of lives in Harlem because this was the cause to of gentrification in the seventies. In the 1880’s Harlem began to experience a dramatic growth in the housing market due to the extension of second and third avenue railroads to the Northern regions of Manhattan. The Real estate developers took the chance to make residential housing in uptown to draw out resident from crowded areas. Speculative buying along with growing support for housing regulation, which would increase the cost of building, amplified the housing boom Harlem and others neighborhood of…

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