Hardy Weinberg, A Mathematician, And Wilhem Weinberg Essay examples

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Lab 1- Hardy Weinberg
Godfrey Hardy, a mathematician, and Wilhem Weinberg, a physician in Germany, formulated a probability equation about the frequencies of genes that are inheritable within a gene pool. They analyzed that the frequencies of alleles. Hardy and Weinberg made an equation about genetic variance of a population at equilibrium. They postulated that allele or genes should be stable or equal with no disturbing factors. For a generation be able to remain constant and reach the equilibrium within generations, they postulated about how alleles behave that acts in a population. With these assumptions, Hardy and Weinberg determined the definition of evolution within a gene pool. They defined that for an evolution would not exist within a population should be met where there is a random mating, no natural selection, no genetic drift or random allele frequency changes, no gene flow and no mutation. Hardy and Weinberg predict that evolution will not happen if gametes in a gene pool was arbitrarily chosen. They predicted that if the genotype frequency followed within random mating, the gene will not be affected by mutation, gene flow, genetic drift and natural selection. One of their assumption was no natural selection which means that all the parental generation will live with equal amount of gametes in the gene pool whatever the genotypes. Another assumption was the flow of genes and alleles should not be added or lost within the gene pool. Therefore the next generation…

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