The Importance Of Night In The Speech Perils Of Indifference

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Did you know that 17 million people died during the Holocaust. 6 million of those people were Jewish. The book Night an the speech Peril of Indifference describe the hardships of the Jews. They are both written by Elie Wiesel, a survivor of the Holocaust. Night is a description of Elie’s journey through the Holocaust, and Perils of Indifference was the speech he gave at the White House for the Millennium Lecture Series. Night is more effective at projecting Elie’s message that indifference is one of the worst crimes a human can commit.

Night was very effective at displaying Elie’s message because his descriptions were very vivid. It explained in great details the horrors of concentration camps and the Holocaust in general. Night follows Elie through concentration camps up until he is freed by the Americans. The horrors described in the book are so vivid it really makes you feel like you are there, watching people get worked to death in horrible conditions. Jews are malnourished and exhausted, but they still work out of fear of death. All these details help describe the kind of hell concentration camps were and this really helps the reader understand how Jews were treated and how it affected their lives.

Another reason Nights
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Elie can use other events that relate to his message like the assassinations of Martin Luther King jr or the bloodbaths in Pakistan. Elie’s speech gave us insight about how Indifference has changed the world. NATO was formed and helped refugees in Kosovo. It also explains how people that were great leader were also subject to Indifference. In the speech it talks about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and how he and the governments were indifferent of concentration camps. However, this shows a parallel when that soldiers that rescued Elie looked horrified that something like this could

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