What Role Did Hoover Play In Harding's Downfall

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William Allen White interviews President Harding secretary, Jud Welliver, and he finds that Harding is truly terrible at his job. Welliver claims that Harding does not know what to do, and he does not understand his job. Harding also did was not able to make his own choices, he was influenced by every argument. Harding was a terrible president because he had power but he did not know how to use it and what to use it for. Was is really his fault, or was he forced into the role? If he was a political puppet, he was a terrible one; he was too malleable and over all uneducated on the role of the president. No president should be president so their party can easily control them. In the next document Henry Ford believes that overproduction is in the near future and it will only bring …show more content…
In the last document a man that is out of work due to the falling prices of cattle and crops. This man had to put a lot of effort into making his farm successful and the government is taking that away from him but not regulating the economy. Then the farmer claims that he will support a revolution just like the Russians. Why should the people have to overthrow the government just to be able to survive? It is a governments job to protect its people and try to make sure there not starving. If a revolution was to happen could it be stopped? It seems that most people were against the government at the time so I could see if a large population would revolt. These people have valid reasons to revolt, they are starving with their businesses failing and they are not being helped by the government at all. The government cannot be pro-business while the people are starving they have to be pro citizen and reallocate their focuses. How can famers alone try to jumpstart the economy? Hoover needed to step in and help, or even make an attempt. FDR claimed that even if he failed restoring America he would have done better then past

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