Hardin 's The Seas Essay

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1) By a “commons”, Hardin refers to a shared resource, such as public land, National Parks, and the seas. One of Hardin’s most prominent example refers to herdsmen on commonly-shared land. Each herdsman will attempt to raise as much cattle as possible, Hardin argues, on the land. However, the land can only sustain a certain number of cattle. The tragedy occurs when each herdsman continues to add more and more cattle, in order to maximize their profit, without thinking about the negative consequences adding more cattle to the land will have. Another prominent example Hardin provides is regarding the “freedom of the seas”. Maritime nations, holding dear the principle of “freedom of the seas”, continue to utilize as many resources from the ocean as possible, without thinking of the effects of using more and more resources. With a variety of countries all attempting to maximize their gain, resources will be taken advantage of, leading to the extinction of fish and marine animal species and to increased pollution being dumped into waterways.

2) Through “freedom in a common brings ruin to all”, Hardin is asserting that, since the goal of men is to maximize their gain and get as much out of a resource as they possibly can, they will continue to use as many resources as they please without thinking of how their actions will affect the availability of these resources in the future, unless restrictions are placed upon them. Hardin argues that humans have a self desire to use as much…

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