Through Hard Working Research Paper

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This I believe: Through Hard Working I achieved my Major goals

Life has both its happy and sad moments and it is true that life is hard as well. One of the major reason that I came this far is my father who encouraged me to be an educated and successful man. My father was not an educated man but he was a business man and tTravelled to many countries. he knows the importance of educttion and therefore in a district where no one send their children to school my father not only send us (me, my siblings and cousins) to school but also encouraged other people to send their kids to school.
I was always getting first or second position in the school and my father praised me infront of elders which encouraged and motivated me a lot. one thing
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each day after my school classes, i went and attend a tuition on algebra with my best teacher. through hard working and attending all classes of my algebra tution, i was able to get full command on algebra in less than year. i was lucky that i start the tuition at the right time which prepared me for my exam. my father who was the driving force behind my successes and studying hard, died right before the exams of my grade 12th. that was the most saddest moment of my live. i was totally broken and feeled like everything is finished. i told my self that everyone will leave this world including me. but if you want to be a rpoud son of your proud father then you have to do what your father wanted. my father wanted me to study hard and get more education and knowledge. he wanted me to be an example and role model for other children, boys and their parents that if you get education you will be a successful person. therefore, i decided to study hard though it was hard to do so as i lost my father, but, i always remembered his advice. though he was not with me but still i was motivated what he told me when he was with me. During those hard days, I was able to pass my grade 12th with being the topper and got the best result. This happened because I beleived that even in hardship if you study and work hard you will achieve what you

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