Hard Work And Sacrifice Every Day Essay

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I live through the motto “hard work and sacrifice every day” through relationship with my friends, family, boyfriend and throughout my sport. By thinking of this motto every day, it helps me get through my day and all my hard times.
Hard work doesn’t come without sacrifice, though. I graduated early from high school, but in order to do that I had to work hard and not slack off. At first I went to the richest school in the city, called Centennial, to the poorest school named Desert Rose. I had to make that sacrifice to switch schools, all because I wanted to graduate early. Desert Rose wasn’t exactly a great school, though. It wasn’t in a safe environment and wasn’t always fun, but I wanted to graduate so I had to do it. To get my scholarship here at Penn, I had to train alone every day and run by myself and I had to talk to the coaches alone because I had no help from my family, and I had to learn to do things on my own. In a way that made me independent, because it taught me that I had to do things on my own and I learned to handle things by myself.
Everyday throughout college my dad reminds me of the motto we use, being “hard work and sacrifice every day”. Running both track and cross country is difficult in college, plus keeping up with schoolwork. Sometimes I would have to stay up until 2 am just to do homework, only to turn around and have to go to 6 AM practices. It’s worth it to stay up until 2 AM though, because hard work does pay off and it gives me good grades,…

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