Hard Rock Cafe 's Rockfest Success Every Year Essay

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Hard Rock Café holds an annual concert called Rockfest. Due to the scale of the event, planning for Rockfest starts approximately nine months or 36 weeks prior to the event’s scheduled date. The team consists of fifteen members that outline every task and activity needed for the event. Rockfest has 26 critical processes that range from trash removal, travel, and various layouts. By evaluating the critical path, the processes that have slack times, challenges face by project managers, and the usefulness of work breakdown, it will be possible to formulate a understanding of how Hard Rock Café s Rockfest success every year.
Critical Path
When determining a project schedule, it is important to map all processes to determine the critical path. The critical path is an analysis of a project that identify the longest time path to finish a project.(Heizer&Rendera, 2014, pp.69).If there are any delays involving the critical path processes, there will be additional time added to the project 's schedule. Rockfest consists of 26 activities that help bring the 11-hour performance to life. By mapping out the 26 process of Rockfest, it is possible to identify the critical path of the project.
The critical path of Rockfest flow has seven activities as seen in Appendix A. The first step in the critical path finalized the site and building contracts. The second step consisted of selecting a promoter. The third step entailed designing promotional websites. The fourth step…

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