Hard Cider Essay

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Pulling up a heavy oak bar stool upholstered with worn in green leather, Jacqueline Drust situated herself in her usual spot in the musky dark interior of Kelly’s Pub celebrating the week’s end.
Giving one pitch and history lesson after another, Justin the bartender goes over the long line of imported and domestic drafts on tap to customers. Patiently, waiting Jacqueline listens to each option. However, when it comes time for Jacquelyn to order, nearly no thought is given to the various beer selection.
“I’ll have a cider. Aspall, the dry one,” said Drust. “it’s the only good kind around here.”
Lately it seems hard cider has grabbed the spotlight and people are drinking it up. Similar to the trajectory of craft beers’ popularity, hard cider
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However, historically hard cider can be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Fermented from apples the earliest traces of cider consumption date back to the Romans in 55 BC when they reached Kent. The villagers in England took notice and began drinking the alcoholic beverage made from apples, seeing as though it offered a safer alternative to the unsanitary water. Cider gained extreme popularity in Europe. Today, England is the largest hard cider producer in the world.
While often overshadowed by England’s dominance, hard cider can be considered an American classic. When the English colonist came to America, they brought along the craft of cider making. Founding fathers such as Benjamin Franklin and President John Adams, as well as other American patriots were known to drink hard cider by the gallons. Simply, cider was the drink of choice during the 17th century. The death of cider’s popularity came in reaction to the temperance and prohibition movement, where many local apple orchids were cut down and replace with
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According to the Cider Journal, regarding all the “sales of alcoholic beverages, the hard cider market grew by 71% in 2014” and continues to increase rapidly. With explicit cider breweries surfacing such as Chicago’s first cider pub, The Northman, it is clear cider is taking root in the competitive market of craft drinks. There are more artisan ciders available today than any time in the past centuries and the number continues to surge.
“Its something new again to the American palate,” said Christopher Bauer from Wein Bauer, the leading importer of Austrian and German wine. “When something catches on everyone gravitates toward it. Its just something new that Americans haven’t had in a long time and it’s really refreshing.”
The growth of the craft cider category just beginning. Hard ciders current growth can be attributed to the notice of the exciting new division of alcoholic beverages. Simply, hard cider maintains the drinkability of a beer but without losing the complexity and characteristics of the crisp and fresh fruit flavor. The craft cider movement is

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