Write An Essay On The Importance Of Self-Independent Schools

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At Harborside Academy we have Design Principles. These principles express the philosophy of education and main values of Expeditionary Learning. They shape the schools foundations and culture to provide a main purpose for the school and education.
The Primacy of Self-Discovery is the first Design Principle. It is about how most affective learning happens when there is emotion, challenge, and support. In Expeditionary Learning schools teachers help students discover that there is more in them then they know. Teachers do that by putting students in unexpected situations to discover who they truly are. Next, is The Having of Wonderful Ideas. I think it means that at an Expeditionary Learning school they teach students to try experiments and to
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Development at Expeditionary Learning schools encourage the values of friendship, trust, and group action. Teachers push students against their personal best to make them strive higher than before. Diversity and Inclusion takes a huge role in students development with inclusion during school. It provides higher ideas, problem-solving ability, and respect for others. Expeditionary Learning schools let students learn about the cultures history and how it impacts who they are today. The school 's community is full of different cultures and full of inclusions with one another. The Natural World is about having a relationship with nature helps refresh your mind and teaches you the cause and effect society has on it. We learn to become teachers of the Earth and to provide that knowledge to future generations. Solitude and Reflection is something that everyone needs time for. They need the time for it to reflect on their own thoughts and ideas. Service and Compassion is another big Design Principle that Harborside values. “We are Crew, Not Passengers.” Students and teachers work together as a crew to provide service to those in need throughout our community and wherever or whoever needs

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