Happy Bambino Parent Resource Center Essay

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Happy Bambino Parent Resource Center is a welcome community resource. When I got there, the lady at the front desk directed me to the cuddle bug room. I went into the room; there were a few mothers with their babies in the room already. After a couple of minutes, more mothers with babies arrived at Happy Bambino Parent Resource Center. That morning, we ended up having 27 mothers and their babies, so the place was pretty packed.
Soon after that, the instructor arrived but she had to leave right away because one of her clients is in labor. Due to the fact that the instructor was there for such a short time, we had a new mother from Baby Wearing International of Madison, a non-profit organization, came in to provide some information about how to use baby carrier. The new mother, who works for Baby Wearing International of Madison, also has a baby about 3 months old and her baby was also with her. During that morning, she talked about the different kinds of baby carrier for children with different age ranges. She used her baby to demonstrate to group about how to use the baby carrier and how to breastfeed while her baby is on the carrier. Then, she showed the group how to use a mobi and boba wraps and the different kinds of wrap available out there.
I didn’t realize that there are so many different kinds of wrap out there in the market. I thought her demonstrations were very helpful to the group, especially for new mothers who have never used a baby carrier before. After the…

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