Essay about Happiness Is The Ultimate End Nothing

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Happiness is human goodness in respect to the virtuous activity of the soul. The good is what all things should aim in the end. We choose means that aim toward the good, and there are many choices that aim at good. Happiness is said to be the ultimate end nothing resulting other than happiness. Aristotle says “the soul of a human being is what influences our ability to rationalize” in irrational situations to aim for good. Happiness is chosen for the sake of one’s self the good we achieve for the sake of the other is where our human virtue allows us to produce human good.
Happiness has specific requirements that will be tested throughout life. It is the values and beliefs that will demonstrate the “bad” or “good” of a person. The ignorant think that happiness is the plain and simple things of life such as wealth, pleasure, and honor. This is all falsehood, these such things do not bring about the goodness of a human soul. First off, happiness must be within your control and not something that can control you. Emotions are not what produce happiness because they come and go. Things such as money and material goods that can be taken away from you are just part of your human appetite and desires. Money, for example, is a means to an end to maintain, which is obviously not an end if it is conserving something. Endurance is another requirement that promotes true happiness. It is the act of being tested with trials and triumphs and learning how to react that exhibits well.…

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