Happiness Is Not A Good Life Essay

789 Words Feb 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Even though society tends to focus on the differences between people, I would like to believe this to be false. There has to be something, anything that connects all human beings. I believe happiness is something everyone can relate to because it is something everyone has tried to obtain at one point in their lives. Aristotle defines a happy life as a blessed one and believes that genuine happiness should be one’s goal. He describes happiness as not a feeling, but rather the activity of living well. Based on this description, he believes it is the goal of a lifetime and cannot simply be obtained in one moment. Although it is a known fact that everyone wants to lead the best life that they can possibly lead, it is atypical of society to believe that happiness must be obtained over the course of a lifetime. Everyone wants to lead the very best life that they could possibly lead. Because a good life does not happen randomly and there are certain virtues attached to happiness, it cannot happen without some levels of prosperity. It is believed to be a complete and sufficient good desired for self which satisfies all desire. It is the complete and sufficient good for a human being. Since everyone has a natural desire for happiness, we must learn to act and feel correctly. However, Aristotle does not mention exactly how this can be achieved. He goes on to explain how a virtuous life can lead to a happier one, however, is it possible for people to influence their happiness?…

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