Essay on Happiness Is A True Meaning Of Life

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Happiness is often regarded as the true meaning of life, but if it is the true meaning of life why is no one able to give a definite answer to what happiness means? Philosophers, psychologist, scientist, and every other person have tried to define it, but not one answer seems to satisfy. There are authors who claim that there is no definite definition to happiness (Kingwell 413). However, there are people who claim that happiness is not the key to happiness rather it is living an excellent life, which is the key. Positive psychology is the name of this concept which was founded by several people. Founding principles, critiques and common grounds of positive psychology are to be discussed in this synthesis. As stated by Csikszentmihalyi, in “Finding Flow” what a person feels, wishes and what a person thinks all work harmoniously to produce what he calls “flow experiences” (433). This concept is considered to be the main principle of positive psychology; he describes it as a feeling of fulfillment against everything that is dull. Flow is when one is fully involved in a task but one does not feel anything till after the activity is done. However Seligman Parks, and Steen are also credited for the other founding principles; Seligman et al. divide happiness into three components: pleasure, engagement, and meaning (418).Each one has a step, the first route is hedonistic, the second is the pursuit of gratification and the third route meaning to life. Seligman et al. wish to…

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