Argumentative Essay: Happiness Is A Choice

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Happiness Is a Choice Happiness is something everyone strives to acquire. It can last five minutes or it can last for many years, and true happiness is not something everyone gets to experience in their lifetimes. However, whether happiness was acquired or not is completely up to the person. Here are three major proofs that happiness is a choice and not something out of our personal control.

First of all, one must not be a pessimist. In other words, if something terrible happens, it is not the end of the world. Many people give up when something knocks them down and start moaning about how nothing ever goes right for them, but what if they think about how much worse it could be? Let’s say they did not get a job they really wanted. It must feel
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Another friend of mine cares way too much about what other people think about her, and it has caused her to miss out on a lot of good opportunities she really would have enjoyed. For example, when we were in high school, we had an annual Talent Show. Every year, I joined the backstage crew because it was fun and I became friends with all the people who liked to join as well. This friend, let’s call her Edith, always wanted to sign up but never did. Why? Because in every show the backstage crew would perform an act. It was usually a badly choreographed dance that was funny and purely for entertainment, and the audience always loved them. Edith was afraid that people would make fun of her because she couldn’t dance very well, but none of us could! That is why we were the backstage crew! The dance was always hilarious, because someone always turned the wrong way or missed a few steps in confusion, and it was okay because we did not audition. It was fun, and instead of sitting in the audience and sadly watching, wishing she had signed up, Edith could have been up there with us if only she did not worry too much about people laughing at

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