Happiness : Happiness And Happiness Essay

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Introduction Happiness. Some would say fame and fortune is happiness, others see career stability, family or the perfect spouse as happiness. This is a common misconception, because these things may in actuality not bring happiness. Happiness is the driving force of what you live for, what makes you get out of bed in the morning, what makes you unconsciously smile uncontrollably. It is important to measure happiness levels in people because of a variety of things, but mainly to correct the misconception of what happiness really is in their lives. Some people believe you cannot control how happy you are, however this is not the case. Research in this area has shown that 40% of the happiness a person feels is determined solely on their choices and decisions. Others may think that a happier person is not as educated or they are naïve, while in fact, there is no relationship between happiness and education or IQ (“Happiness”, 2011). Another misconception is that as people age, they become less happy. The opposite of this is true, with seniors reporting more happiness and experiencing less negative emotions with less intensity as younger adults. Interestingly, this is not one happier generation over the other, because this has been consistent through time. Lastly, too often people believe that money will make them happy, and this may be true short term, however, most revert back to their previous levels of happiness so long as they do not have the stresses of being in…

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