Happiness By Living A Good Life Essay

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Ethics Happiness by living a good life is the objective that we should be aiming as humans, is one of the main point made by Greek philosopher Aristotle. Everything we do in our day-to-day activities should be towards happiness. Happiness is the only mean to an end itself. Claggart’s actions are ultimately motivated by his suppression of his homosexual desires, can also show us an important inside in Aristotelian ethics. The inside is that the Aristotelian goal of having a well-lived human life becomes impossible if one do not live in a way consistent with who he truly is. Aristotle argues that to be happy, one needs to live a completely human life in accordance with virtue. Virtues emphasize the good characteristics of our behavior. A virtuous person is someone who lives his or her life well realizing ones full potential. To be virtuous, someone needs to explode his or her own human abilities becoming excellent at what one does in his or her life. Doing excellent at one’s job, can be seen as nothing out of the ordinary, but these things is what makes a virtuous person. Authenticity has a vital virtue for someone to have a happy life, because authenticity is what makes all the other virtues possible. Aristotle defines moral virtue as behaving in the right way, between the vices, extremes and deficiencies. Virtue is having the right attitude in one’s life. Ultimately then Aristotle is telling us that the goal of life is to realize our fullest potential as a human being.…

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