Essay on Happiness And Pleasure : The Island Of Luana

1277 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
Luana—happiness and pleasure. The Island of Luana is a place where people can come to be happy and to enjoy life. Just like any other island people come here to get away from reality and have a nice vacation. We have fought for many years to not be a part of the United States and to able to call it our own island. Luana is a very big Island, the size of Texas and Oklahoma put together. This island has many things that need to be done to it. The government is not very good and we have to vote on establishing a democratic government. Our governing document is called The Island Rules this is helping to set a guideline on what needs to be done to have the best government possible. There are many things that are being decided about how to run this new country. One main thing is how the democracy will form. There are many different types of government; parliamentary, totalitarianism, anarchy, and more. In one type of government, totalitarianism, a small group of leaders or a single individual—a dictator—makes all decisions for the society. The government controls every aspect of political, social, and economic life (4). No one can make any kind of decision without the government saying yes or no to it. There is also a direct democracy, this allows the citizens of the community to debate and vote directly on laws, even those put forward by the ruling council of the city (4). The direct democracy allows the citizens to have a say so in what is going on in their country and they…

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